Wednesday, June 18, 2008

HandBrake Dependencies List

Update (8/24/10): I wrote this post a long time ago and the dependencies have changed quite a bit since then, so here's an updated list. I'll leave the old post untouched for posterity. These are intended for use on a Debian-based system and can be pasted into an 'apt-get install' command:

build-essential autotools-dev libtool libgudev-1.0-dev intltool autoconf yasm libbz2-dev zlib1g-dev libwebkit-dev libnotify-dev libgstreamer0.10-dev libgstreamer-plugins-base0.10-dev wget subversion python python-gtk2-dev
You'll need to add libdvdcss2 to this list to work with copy-protected DVDs.

Original post: Here is a complete list of dependencies required to compile HandBrake from source. This is mostly for my own reference for whenever I reinstall my OS, but hopefully others will be able to benefit from it as well since it's so difficult to find a complete list elsewhere:

yasm (or nasm if you don't care about cpu extensions)
build-essential (if you're on Ubuntu or a derivative)

Once you have these installed, just navigate to your source directory, type ./configure, then jam. The build process takes a long time and downloads a lot of things for codecs etc. When it's finished, you'll have a binary called HandBrakeCLI in your source folder, which can be run from its current location or moved to wherever is most convenient for you.


Anonymous said...

Thanks very much for this list! I was trying to Google "Ubuntu Handbrake dependencies" because last time I had trouble compiling Handbrake from source and I am doing a re-installation of Ubuntu, and I didn't want to run into issues again. Hopefully this list is everything I need to apt-get so that I can compile Handbrake and use the CLI easily. I'm especially happy because this is a very recent post (June 2008) and I don't really like reading old stuff from like 2005 about topics I need to know about now. Thanks again

Hunter K. said...

Glad I could help. This list *should* be complete, but if you have any problems, leave another comment and I'll try to help.

- Hunter K.

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks! I just apt-get installed all of these, then compiled Handbrake, and it went flawlessly! Thanks again!

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