Saturday, January 31, 2009

Fujifilm s1000 fd Camera Doesn't Work Right on Mac

Short version: my wife's camera didn't work right with her Mac using the bundled software, but it worked fine with iPhoto.

Long version: My wife just bought a Fujifilm s1000 fd superzoom camera so she can start working on her food blog,, and she ran into an issue getting it to communicate with her Macbook. She followed the directions outlined in the manual, which included installing the company's lackluster FinePix software. The instructions say to hook up the USB cable and to hold the 'play' button for a few seconds until the computer recognizes the camera and opens the software automatically. This did not work.

Instead, open Apple's own iPhoto software and then hold the 'play' button while connected via USB. iPhoto should import the pictures automatically, unlike Fujifilm's own crummy software.

Since we figured this out, we've been taking all sorts of pictures, which look absolutely stunning. You can check them out at her blog.

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