Tuesday, October 6, 2009

HandBrake Nightlies for Windows

Update (4/26/10): I will no longer provide these packages because the HandBrake devs are now providing real-deal official nightlies: http://build.handbrake.fr/

**These are UNSUPPORTED, BLEEDING EDGE builds of HandBrake. DO NOT ask for help in the HandBrake forums if you run into any issues with them. If you have a problem, ask it here and I will try to help. Otherwise, YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN.**

Additionally, these are not true nightlies because I won't be building them quite that often, but I plan to compile a new version each time a substantial update (such as an x264 bump) is checked into the SVN repository.

The CLI binaries are cross-compiled on my Linux box and the GUI is built natively in Windows.

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