Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mudlord's HLSL Shaders for BSNES

I came across a set of HLSL pixel shaders from mudlord that were intended for use with snes9x, so I formatted them for use with bsnes and everything seems to work just fine. You can download the whole pack here.

Here are some screenshots from a couple of them:

1. Emboss
Looks pretty cool but gets old quickly.

2. Blur 2
There are 4 different blur settings. The first one actually looks pretty decent, but the rest are too intense for me.

3. Pixelator
Hmmm. Can't really see shit... Kinda like if your favorite SNES game came out on Atari first.

4. Toon
This one actually looks really cool. It makes everything look like Yoshi's Island :D

There are a number of others in the pack, including all of the blurs, another take on bloom, a toon shader without the black outlines and a couple that cover everything with a wave mask.

This pack gives D3D users a bit more freedom beyond the lone Sepia filter that comes with bsnes, and I hope to add more of these in the future. I'll post them here if/when I come across them.

UPDATE (2/2/11):
I fiddled around with some and came up with a couple more. They're essentially functioning just like mudlord's 'emboss' shader, but they maintain color:

1. color emboss bright
2. color emboss mild (this one requires that 'smooth video' be enabled to work properly; similar results to smooth video+mudlord's 'sharpen' shader)


Anonymous said...

Those look really good. Thanks for your efforts!


Anonymous said...

Where do you find the original shader packs for snes9x-gtk?

Hunter K. said...

I believe you can get them from mudlord's own site:

Look for "Generic HLSL shader patch + shaders"

Anonymous said...

Oh thank you! I should have looked more carefully before asking my question because I did find them on my own using the powers of google eventually. But it was all to no avail because I am on linux and can't run Microsofts HLSL.

But by looking at how you modified your simplebloom filter via the XML vertex and fragment tags I was able to convert the GLSL shaders that I use for ePSXe Playstation emulator and it worked beautifully! Now I can play SNES games using the "Natural Vision" shader!

Gotta love it!

- ganbare

Anonymous said...

"I was able to convert the GLSL shaders that I use for ePSXe Playstation emulator and it worked beautifully! Now I can play SNES games using the "Natural Vision" shader!"

Could you explain how you did that and post an expamle?

I've been trying to convert my ePSXe Shaders, but no success so far.

Hunter K. said...

It's not a difficult process. You basically just have to add some XML tag stuff. The easiest way to do it is to open one that I've already formatted in a text editor, then open whichever shader you want to convert (fragment and vertex, if there is one) and paste the contents of the fragment/vertex files between the corresponding tags in the shader file, overwriting the old contents. This won't work for everything (for example, multipass shaders are unsupported), but it will work for most. Also, be aware whether you're formatting a GLSL or HLSL shader, as the XML tags must match.

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