Monday, June 19, 2017

RetroArch shaders on Shovel Knight

I recently played through the awesome retro-styled platformer Shovel Knight for the first time and, while the pixel art is incredible, I kept thinking "I bet this would look even more amazing on a CRT." The game runs at a higher resolution on PC, so getting the low-res scanline-y look I crave wouldn't really be possible (or at least would be a significant hassle) through a 31 khz PC monitor. However, thanks to j_selby's out-of-the-blue Citra-libretro core, we can now run 3DS games via RetroArch--including Shovel Knight--and apply all sorts of fun shaders to the output!

Here are a couple of shots (click to embiggen):
The old favorite, cgwg's CRT-Geom

artifact-colors; horizontal scaling is a little wonky



1 comment:

Flamex said...

Thanks, I have the same problem of "fake" low resolution in many modern pixelart games.
Especially with the Shantae serie. PC port of Risky's Revenge has severe scaling issues. Pirate's Curse is much better but still has bigger internal resolution.
Since PC is on 3DS I assume this could work too

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