Saturday, June 29, 2013

Fix for Youtube error: 'This video is currently unavailable' - Ubuntu Chromium

Thankfully, this one's an easy fix and will presumably apply to other browsers and operating systems, as well.

I've been using Chromium as my browser for a while and everything has been great until recently, when some youtube videos wouldn't play reliably and instead would show the error:
This video is currently unavailable.
Learn more
This is apparently caused by being enrolled in Youtube's HTML5 video trial. You can enroll/unenroll from the program by visiting this link.

I had forgotten I was even using HTML5 video, so I never even considered this could be the problem. Once I unenrolled, everything works fine again. Of course, YMMV.


Genuine Report said...

Thanks for your suggetions. I had face this problem in you tube. Your post is very useful for me. Thanks again

Unknown said...

Damn. I'm having the same problem (and in Firefox), but that link says I'm not enrolled in the trial.

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