Tuesday, June 11, 2013

HTC One Back Template for DIY Case Artwork

I got a super-cheap, clear hardshell case (price seems to have gone up since I bought it...) for my HTC One and was interested in making some custom art to put between the case and the phone. I wasn't able to find any templates readily available online, so I spent a little bit of time with a flatbed scanner and whipped one up myself: EDIT: turns out that Google resamples images -_- so just taking this image will not work as-is. You'll need to keep the same resolution (i.e., pixels by pixels) but set it to 200 DPI. Or, just download this one.

Note: I make no guarantees about the applicability of this template to your own case. It worked for me and I hope you find it useful, as well. The biggest potential issue would be with the cutaways for the power and volume buttons, which are pretty large on my case, but it should be easy to remove them if your case doesn't have them.

Here's how it looks when it's all finished:
Sorry about the weird picture. I didn't have another camera on hand, and there weren't any good mirrors at work, so I had to just use the reflection from an old hard drive platter...

EDIT: Here's a slightly better picture:
I made this BMO design along with a couple of other Adventure Time designs, ready to print:
Best show on television.


jelbo said...

So, show us how your HTC One looks now then :)

Hunter K. said...

Ha, yeah, I guess that would be useful. :P

I updated the post with a finished pic.

Angel Pabon said...

R u sellin a bmo case if so how can I get one

Hunter K. said...

Hi Angel,
I'm not selling anything, just posting some templates for people who want to print out their own designs to go behind a clear, acrylic case they've already purchased.

Saxon Eyles said...

hey can you post a photo of the beemo image you used for this case. cheers

Hunter K. said...

Hi Saxon,
I modified this image I found online:

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