Friday, July 7, 2017

RetroArch shaders ported to ReShade

I've frequently gotten requests to port RetroArch's library of shaders to ReShade's format for use with other programs/games, but I'm a Linux guy for the most part, so I never had the inclination to do such a thing. Thankfully, ReShade user Matsilagi is/was so inclined and he ported a bunch of them and made them available in this github repo:

I haven't tested all of them, but the ones I've seen look perfect, so they should be ready to go with all of the low-fi CRT/NTSC/PAL goodness.
Artifact Colors
CRT-Geom and CRT-Lottes
EGA Filter


biffrapper said...
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biffrapper said...

Thank you!

These have allowed me to play AM2R, finally, with true CRT perfection.

I even managed to add in grainy signal noise, too, through Reshade also.

p.s. Looks even better than in video because I streamed in 720p which fattens up the pixels. Far better image in 1080p.

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