Monday, August 11, 2008

How to Compile QT4 GUI For HandBrake

This is a guide for compiling the QT4 GUI for HandBrake that was updated by gonza from the HandBrake forums. I posted this guide on the Ubuntu forums, but I wanted to post it here as well so it could be updated as needed.

Update (5/15/09): I have working binaries of the latest code available in my PPA repository. Directions for adding it to your package manager are available here.

install git if you don't already have it (sudo aptitude install git-core), along with the dependencies for HandBrakeCLI, then type
git clone git://
navigate to the newly created HandBrake directory:
cd HandBrake
and add the bonne/qhandbrake branch (all on one line):
git checkout --track -b bonne/qhandbrake origin/bonne/qhandbrake
You might need to type git pull just to make sure you're up to date. Then, compile HandBrakeCLI as normal:
navigate to the qt4 directory:
cd qt4
and then compile the GUI (dependencies include qt4-core and qt4-dev-tools, I think):
qmake && make
You should be left with a binary named qtHB. This GUI is feature-complete (as far as I can tell), including video previews, a working queue, advanced x264 options, presets, and so on. You can run it by typing ./qtHB into a terminal, or you can copy it into your /usr/bin directory like any other program.

Unfortunately, qtHB *refuses* to bundle into a proper deb binary, but I believe you can download and run my precompiled binaries as long as you have the proper qt4 dependencies installed.
Download 64-bit qtHB
Download 32-bit qtHB


Anonymous said...

Hi, it may be late yet thank you for the instructions on how to compile the qt version. I followed them until "git pull". I then did a "./configre --disable-gtk" to avoid a compilation failure however I get a 'gdk-pixbuf-2.0' not found. Although this, HandBrakeCLI and QHandbrake seems to have been compiled successfully but when I open a file with the latter I get a segmentation fault. CLI works afaik. Looks like you didn't get through building failures on your ppa so I would like to know if you have eventually passed compilation. Finding a clue on QHandbrake is not obvious and above all on its dev. Looks unmaintained... a shame, there is no qt app to my knowledge that does the same.


Hunter K. said...

Hi rodgersan,
the compilation failures for the GTK GUI don't affect the compilation of the QT4 GUI. However, you're correct in assuming that gonza has not maintained it. He had hoped that the HandBrake devs would allow it into the main source tree, but they wanted more of a commitment from him, so it's stuck in its current state of incompleteness. It compiled fine for a while, but the latest version failed and that's where my PPA sits.

If you actually install my ppa repository in your sources.list, you can still get access to the last successful compile--which is more recent than the current 0.9.3 HandBrake binary available on the official site--by typing "sudo aptitude install handbrakeqt4".

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