Tuesday, September 2, 2008

32-bit HandBrake GTK GUI and Yasm deb Binary for Ubuntu

Update (5/15/09): I have working binaries of the latest code available in my PPA repository. Directions for adding it to your package manager are available here.

Download HandBrake GTK GUI (GHB) 32-bit deb
Download HandBrake GTK GUI (GHB) 64-bit deb
Download Yasm 0.7.1 32-bit deb
(they're compressed into a tarball, but the debs are inside)

Update: These binaries include a new version of the x264 codec that no longer requires as many options to do the same thing. From Dark Shikari (a main x264 developer):
x264 is removing b-rdo and bime options this week. GUI makers, take note, and prepare patches. bime will be enabled at subme >=5 automatically. New subme options will be organized as follows:
subme6: RD on I/P frames
subme7: RD on all frames
subme8: RD refinement on I/P frames
subme9: RD refinement on all frames

new subme 6 = old subme 6
new subme 7 = old subme 6 + b-rdo
new subme 8 = old subme 7 + b-rdo
new subme 9 = didn't exist, RD refinement in B-frames is completely new.

RD refinement in B-frames consists of qpel-RD as in P-frames, and also RD-bime for bidir blocks. Overall the speed cost for this option should be less than old subme6->7 (new subme7->8).

This is a first step on the road to decreasing the number of unnecessary options in x264.
I finally got my 32-bit Hardy Heron build environment set up, so first thing I did was crank out a couple of debs for the yasm assembler and HandBrake's official GTK GUI (known as GHB) from SVN.

Yasm is version 0.7.1 and GHB is version svn 1911.

Leave me a comment if these do/don't work.

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Chris said...

Brilliant. It seems to work.

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