Monday, September 29, 2008

How To Compile HandBrake With New Psy Options Enabled

Update: It looks like the new x264 version is committed to the SVN repo now, so you should be able to just perform Steps 1, 2, and 5 (i.e., a normal SVN checkout and compile) to get the new psychovisual options.

Update (5/15/09): I have working binaries available in my PPA repository. Directions for adding it to your package manager are available here.

Here are directions to download and install the latest development code for HandBrake that can take advantage of the revolutionary new psychovisual additions to the x264 codec (known as psychovisual rate distortion [psy-rd] and psychovisual trellis [psy-trellis]).

Step 1: check out the latest source code from SVN:
svn co svn:// HandBrake
Step 2: navigate to the new directory
cd HandBrake/contrib
Step 3: edit the download location for the x264 codec in your favorite text editor (I prefer nano):
nano version_x264.txt
then, either delete or comment out (put a # in front of it) the address that is already there and replace it with this:
Step 4: return to the HandBrake directory:
cd ..
If you just want to use the CLI version (Linux users have no choice), you're almost finished and can go straight to Step 5. If you are using OS X or Windows, though, you can update the GUI interfaces to reflect these new options by applying the appropriate patch (for OS X or for Windows)

To apply the patch, move it into the HandBrake directory and type into a terminal:
patch -p0

Step 5: compile as usual:
That should get you all set. The new options require a subme value of ≥6, which should be the new default (and should be reflected in the GUIs and presets). If you have any questions or concerns, leave me a comment and I'll try to help.

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